A special place, like few

Baglio Occhipinti

A Sicilian baglio in Val di Noto reinvented by Fausta Occhipinti

At Baglio Occhipinti, a charming relais in the Val di Noto, the olive trees create the natural setting in which to enjoy the slow rhythm of nature in a refined setting amidst meadows and rows of vines.

Nestled in an estate of over ten hectares in the province of Ragusa, Baglio Occhipinti offers special corners in which to enjoy truly unique experiences: from lunches prepared with the delicacies of the vegetable garden, to the tasting of typical products from local companies, from the tasting of the inimitable chocolate of Modica to the yoga session en plain air.

Inside the Baglio, silver chandeliers and silverware, handmade ceramics and cushions with precious weaves, antique furniture and stone walls create the space of welcome. Baglio Occhipinti is a country house, noble and proud, where hostess Fausta Occhipinti, landscape architect and Sicilian hospitality entrepreneur, moves with graceful elegance.

Architecture and interiors

From old country house to luxury designer country relais

At Baglio Occhipinti, interior spaces tell many stories.
Fausta's femininity and taste emerge in the refined attention to detail: from the family's antique furniture to the silks of the cushions, from the Caltagirone ceramics to the silverware...

The same attention paid to the estate and gardens is the protagonist in the interior furnishings. The search for furnishing elements enhances the family tradition, architecture and mateirals such as stone, Sicilian majolica and wood tell the story of the area.

The Gardens of Baglio Occhipinti

A lush vegetable garden, orchard, olive grove, and herb bushes surround a place inspired by architectural and food sustainability

The pool among the citrus trees

A stretch of water shimmering in the green to experience relaxation

Purified with salt, Baglio Occhipinti's swimming pool is open all day, without any constraints, to allow guests to enjoy it just as they would at home. The pool has a natural stone border made by local craftsmen, creating continuity with the lawn that surrounds it.
All around is a citrus grove over three hundred years old and fruit trees.