Goodness without Secrets

The Kitchen of Baglio Occhipinti

Traditional recipes of Sicily, from garden to plate, to rejoice in good food and good wine in company

Baglio Occhipinti follows the rhythms of Nature even and especially when it comes to food.
Nestled in the picturesque hilly countryside of southeastern Sicily, surrounded by vineyards and centuries-old olive groves, bordered by colorful fruit trees and fragrant flowering fields, Baglio observes and participates in the succession of the seasons, punctuated by the blossoming, ripening and harvesting of the produce that the generous land bestows.

The more than four thousand square meters of organic vegetable garden donate year-round vegetables, fruits and greens, grown according to Nature, which as soon as they are picked fill Baglio Occhipinti's kitchens to be transformed into traditional Sicilian recipes, served to guests at lunch and dinner.

The restaurant of Baglio Occhipinti
has obtained the recognition of "Table Remarquable",
awarded to the best gastronomic tables
belonging to the community of les Collectionneurs

The Garden

Over four thousand square meters of organic vegetable garden

All year round vegetables, fruits and vegetables, grown according to Nature

Baglio Occhipinti's vegetable gardens are always in production, all year round, and can be visited by guests who will always find something good to harvest, taste and cook. The vegetable garden is a pleasant place where it is also possible to have lunch, dinner, enjoy the sunset and the scents of the countryside while sipping a good glass of wine. The vegetable gardens are naturally surrounded by flowers: lavender and borage, also used in cooking, keep company with rose bushes that embellish the corners of the countryside.

Organic breakfast

Organic products by the mile for a wholesome breakfast

An organic breakfast at Baglio Occhipinti is a true experience and a moment of communion with Nature, as well as the discovery of carefully selected local quality products.
The possibility of enjoying it outside overlooking the Baglio swimming pool surrounded by citrus groves is a pure bucolic experience.

The triumph of vegetable gardens is in the Kitchen

Rediscovering traditional Sicilian cuisine through a sensory journey among zero-mile raw materials

In the large kitchen of the Baglio, always open to guests, the ancient recipes of the Occhipinti family, preserved and handed down from Rosaura to Fausta, guarantee a skilful use of the vegetables picked in the garden. A knowledge linked to tradition, well-being and health, as well as good taste.

The proposed formula is oriented towards the discovery of traditional dishes, enhanced by the Baglio's organic crops. Pasta with tomato and basil, pasta with fried courgettes, Norma or pasta with Sicilian-style pesto are capable of evoking childhood memories and recharging you, without weighing you down. Together or as an alternative, a selection of freshly harvested vegetable salads enriched with Hyblean capers. All to be paired with a selection of local cured meats and cheeses, such as the famous Ragusano D.O.P.

Lunch in the Ragusa countryside

A rejuvenating break served under the olive trees, among the rows of vines or in the ancient Palmento

Lunch at Baglio Occhipinti is different. Ask Fausta to prepare a picnic basket to explore the Ragusa countryside and find a carob tree generous with shade for lunch on the lawn. Or take a seat among the estate's vineyards to savour the most delicious and genuine food you can imagine.

Chic Picnic

Cooking Class

Discover and rediscover traditional Sicilian recipes

A six-course dinner: from vegetable selection to tasting

Fausta Occhipinti and the Baglio's chef are pleased to invite you to the cooking class organised to rediscover traditional Sicilian recipes, in particular, the preparation of fresh pasta, 'scacce ragusane' (traditional stuffed flatbreads from south-eastern Sicily) and the famous arancino, also celebrated by Andrea Camilleri in the stories of Commissioner Montalbano.
The cooking class can also have a variation on desserts with a special course to learn how to prepare the famous Sicilian cannoli.

Dining in the garden of Baglio Occhipinti

Wine selection

We offer you a wine selection, designed with the affection of friendship

Each of these bottles holds memories, laughter and emotions, experienced with the farmers and winegrowers who produced them. Moments that we want to share with you. Today, the market offers so much and we have decided to make a radical choice. We believe in work and passion for the land, the vineyard, fermentation, waiting... That is why we offer you a selection of natural wines, including many Sicilian ones, produced with honesty and the utmost respect for the land by passionate farmers, many of whom are dear family friends.