The swimming pool in the citrus grove

Relax poolside among the colors and scents of the Ragusa countryside

A place of refreshment, a place to live for an aperitif characterized by the slowness and enjoyment of nature, but also a romantic backdrop for a dinner under the citrus trees

Baglio Occhipinti swimming pool has been conceived to coexist with the concept of a large vegetable garden concluded.
Purified with salt, to reduce the use of chlorine, it has a natural stone border made by local workers, creating continuity with the lawn that surrounds it. All around a citrus grove of over three hundred years and fruit trees. The swimming pool is open all day, without any restrictions, to allow the guest to enjoy it just like at home.
The swimming pool is part of the Mediterranean garden project, wanted just like the Panteschi gardens: a natural protection and cultivation system, but also as a water management system with geometries of the Arab and Persian historical tradition. The renovation of the Borgo has accompanied nature in every detail, without ever opposing it.

The swimming pool is perfect for an aperitif or dinner for two

The soul of the pool is eclectic: it offers refreshment in the morning and in the afternoon, and then becomes a lounge bar in nature at aperitif time and, finally, an accomplice and romantic setting where to organize a romantic dinner.
The entire renovation project is based on a scenic vision that takes into account the Baglio's perspective escapes with a theatrical backdrop interpretation. The intense, white, constant light of the Sicilian sun is the natural narrator of each surface.

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