Experiences in the Ragusa countryside

Horseback riding and mountain bike tours with Baglio Occhipinti

Discover the most authentic countryside of Sicily

Baglio Occhipinti is the ideal place for those who want to escape from the chaos and everyday life of the city by spending a holiday of pure relaxation among the natural trails of the Iblei mountains, riding a horse or on an adventurous mountain bike. Just ask the staff of Baglio or Fausta, the hostess, to discover new emotions and sensations through the discovery of a new way of living the Sicilian countryside. A real active journey in the countryside.

Horseback riding in the Iblei Mountains

Jumping on horseback, admiring the rural scenery typical of south-east Sicily from another perspective, riding on the paths of the Iblei Mountains: a new and exciting experience that awaits the guests of the Baglio. Immersed in the olive, carob and almond trees, the ride will be pure adrenaline and amazement, immersed in an oasis of serenity and peace. Baglio Occhipinti will guide its guests to discover the most suitable experience to get in close contact with nature and animals. Riding the Ragusan donkey or a horse, enjoying a backdrop that fascinates with the authenticity of the landscapes and the regenerating power of Nature. Guests are guaranteed a range of excursions based on the duration, experience of the riders and the level of difficulty of the excursion, with diversified programs.

Mountain bike tour

The bicycle is the most natural way to reactivate the movement of the whole body and create a new relationship with Nature as we proceed to discover the Sicilian countryside. The guests of the Baglio can choose between mountain bikes and pedal-assisted bicycles to choose a mode compatible with their attitude, while always respecting nature and a zero-impact choice. Each bike tour will be a journey full of scents and colors typical of the Mediterranean scrub, where you can admire the biodiversity of the Ragusa countryside at its maximum splendor: orchids, myrtles, carob trees, gorse and palm trees. Accompanied at every ride by the chirping of crickets, the chirping of birds and the fluttering of butterflies.