Deluxe Rooms

Synthesis of comfort and romance, natural stone walls and views of nature

Botanica, Pergola, Maiolica, Monti Iblei, Gelso

Each Deluxe by Baglio Occhipinti is a synthesis of comfort and romance; born from the restoration of the beam, they are characterized by large spaces in which natural white light is the narrative element that pervades every environment. Some are located on the ground floor and offer access to the garden or courtyard where the ancient mulberry tree is the silent guardian; others are located on the first floor and offer a view of the vineyards and the Iblei Mountains. The Deluxe strongly express the identity of the Baglio, all with an exclusive attention to detail and minimal furnishings designed to enhance the beauty of the original stone walls: natural painting in which to get lost during every single day. In some, the presence of a cast iron bathtub, with the classic lion’s paws, in the bedroom gives a throbbing romanticism to the rooms and makes them ideal for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon.

The Deluxe rooms are large, with sizes ranging from 32 to over 42 square meters, ideal for couples looking for a romantic setting in which to enjoy more space for themselves, or even for a family of up to four people, also thanks to the comfortable sofa bed. All have a single environment that also houses a living area. In each room several windows guarantee the pervading of light, amplified by high wooden ceilings and exposed beams. The floors in white concrete, or decorated with original cement tiles, or handmade terracotta, become part of the identity of each individual room. Sleep quality is guaranteed queen size beds, along with a comfortable double sofa bed. All the bathrooms are made of white mortar to enhance the stone walls which sometimes act as a backdrop to the always wide and floor-level shower. Respecting nature, the courtesy line is organic and based on Sicilian officinal plants. The cottons and sponges are all natural and from a sustainable supply chain, washed with environmental certification. For guests, the welcome surprise of homemade organic soap exclusively for Baglio Occhipinti. All rooms have room service to enjoy privacy and confidentiality, as extras on request.

The beauty of being able to choose, discover all the Deluxe rooms...