Nature in the Room

Suite and Rooms obtained in an ancient beam, immersed in the ragusa countryside

At Baglio Occhipinti, the stone of the walls becomes the texture of a story that transcends time

Each Suite and Room of Baglio Occhipinti was born from a conservative restoration project, designed to revive what were once the rural houses and environments lived by the farmers and transform them into places of charm and total comfort. The stone of the walls, as the original construction material, becomes the plot of a story steeped in time and tradition: a panorama to be enjoyed inside each room, which also represents a real luxury, given the exclusively manual processing that requires an expertise now lost.

The rooms integrate with the territory, enhancing the view: the hills, the countryside and the magic of the Iblei Mountains become a canvas framed by each window or balcony of the Suites and the Baglio Rooms. During the stay you are pervaded by the triumph of colors, light and perfumes; citrus essences, hints of olive trees and wildflowers, occasionally dominated by the fragrance of roses. Naturally gathered inside the belt of the baglio and distributed between the manor house and the rural complexes, at the center of the over 10 hectares of the estate, the Suites and the Rooms become the plot that connects the gardens and orchards in which they are immersed.

A renewed communion with Nature is the lifestyle professed by Baglio Occhipinti: in the room there will be no televisions, no mini bar, but only the chirping of birds and the whispering of the breeze to keep company. A detoxifying holiday from everyday life to the rediscovery of a greater balance. For this reason, energy is produced naturally with solar and thermal panels, reducing the impacts on nature and the production of CO2. The ceilings with exposed wooden beams, the original furniture elements that are combined with fine fabrics in modern colors, the terracotta floors, the ancient cement tiles: each element of construction and furniture is the result of research and study, for the custody of identity and the protection of a balance capable of enhancing the essence of a place designed to live in symbiosis with nature, enhancing it and enhancing its spontaneous elegance, and offering services from luxury boutique hotels.



Spacious and private, a synthesis of charm and comfort, they hide a private garden

Baglio Occhipinti's suites are designed for those seeking the comfort of large spaces and are pervaded by light and steeped in history, but also by the romanticism of refined details. They enjoy a double access that reveals a private garden for the exclusive use of each room. Totally immersed in nature, the private garden is ideal for those seeking relaxation in privacy, perhaps to regenerate in the Sicilian sun or for an intimate dinner, enjoying the evening breeze.


A synthesis of comfort and romance, natural stone walls and views of nature

Each Deluxe at Baglio Occhipinti is a synthesis of comfort and romanticism; born from the restoration of the baglio, they are characterised by large spaces in which natural white light is the narrative element that pervades each room. Some are on the ground floor and offer access to the garden or the courtyard where the ancient mulberry tree is the silent guardian; others are on the first floor and offer a view of the vineyards and the Iblei Mountains. The Deluxe rooms strongly express the Baglio's identity, all with exclusive attention to detail and minimalist furnishings designed to enhance the beauty of the original stone walls: a natural painting in which to lose oneself during every single day. In some, the presence of a cast-iron bathtub, with the classic lion's paws, in the bedroom lends a throbbing romanticism to the rooms and makes them ideal for a romantic getaway or honeymoon.


Great charm and exclusive identity to relive tradition with charm

The Superior rooms are full of charm and profoundly different from each other. Designed to experience the charm of Baglio Occhipinti's original rooms in total comfort, preserving their ancient geometry and architecture.


Three unique rooms to experience Baglio Occhipinti from different perspectives

Torretta, Etna and Vigna are the three Classic rooms that tell different ways of living the Baglio Occhipinti with an exclusive charm. Torretta is a single room and is located in the central body of the Baglio; offers the highest altitude view of the entire Baglio. Vigna is a double room and conceals a private garden for the exclusive use of its guests. The Classic Etna is spread over two levels and can accommodate up to three adults, on the entrance from the garden a furnished patio shaded by a sumptuous olive tree.

Il Baglio exclusive

Exclusive formula
as a private villa with pool and customisable services...