Organic breakfast

Bio products at km for a genuine breakfast

The organic breakfast at Baglio Occhipinti is a true experience and a moment of communion with Nature, as well as the discovery of local quality products of the territory selected with extreme care

When guests wake up, breakfast is served at the table, surrounded by green gardens, in the shade of fruit trees, or in the ancient Palmento in a refined and bright atmosphere, always surrounded by the Sicilian sun light.

Every morning guests can enjoy the fruits of the farm and nearby farmers: the zero kilometer proximity product is a guarantee of freshness and authenticity: artisan honey, fresh seasonal fruit freshly picked from the trees of the garden as oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, plums, black cherries, mulberries, figs, prickly pears, apricots. Each harvest respects the seasons and the natural alternation of the sowing and harvesting cycles.

Sweets and baked goods

Among the baked goods, home-made natural leavened bread with flour produced by the Occhipinti family with ancient grains and biscuits from the Baglio pantry, all to be accompanied with organic jams always produced at home and prepared directly with the fruits of the trees of the garden and vegetable gardens: orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, pears, peaches and plums.

The selection of baked goods includes a choice of cakes and desserts made according to traditional family recipes and prepared every morning with high quality ingredients. Returning guests usually ask for the almond cake, the Modica chocolate cake, the orange cake, the ricotta, the tarts with our jams, the typical Sicilian brioches “with the tuppo”, perhaps to be enjoyed with a lemon granita , homemade almond or mulberry. For guests who prefer the more traditional.

European breakfast, there are always croissants and artisan biscuits, but created with the flour of ancient grains of the Sicilian tradition.

Savory breakfast

Even the salty proposal is a pleasant discovery: every day a different proposal of fresh organic eggs from local hens enriched with local cheeses and meats, including Pecorino Primosale di Vittoria, Caciocavallo Ragusano DOP, fresh ricotta, organic provole, dry sausage, salami, lard, along with a tasting of hams, mortadella, poached eggs, soft-boiled, with tomato sauce and omelette. All dishes are enriched with extra virgin olive oil produced by the ancient trees of the Baglio. A gargantuan triumph even for the most greedy guest.

Organic farm butter and also organic raw milk yogurt are always produced at Baglio Occhipinti. To cool off nothing better than a fresh juice of freshly picked oranges, according to season, or a centrifuge of fresh fruit directly from the gardens or vegetable gardens. Almond milk, produced with Baglio’s almonds is a pleasant discovery for all guests.