Dinner in the Baglio garden

Dinner at Baglio Occhipinti is a sensory journey to the rediscovery of traditional Sicilian cuisine

The daily menu alternates meat and fish, but also vegetarian and vegan proposals to meet the needs of each guest and any need or request

The menu is a six-course gastronomic experience: the chef’s welcome opens to the appetizer to go through the first courses and the second with a side dish. Through the story of the seasonal production of the vegetable garden, as well as the catch, tht dinner ends sumptuously with dessert and a selection of small pastries.
Of course, even the youngest guests are at the center of the attentions of Fausta, a careful hostess, and of the Baglio staff: in fact, a healthy and tasty dinner is prepared entirely dedicated to them.

Private dining

Guests can dine in the garden, immersed in one of the vegetable gardens, or by the pool, surrounded by a citrus grove of over three hundred years, or in the ancient Palmento of the 700.
The scenario chosen by Fausta is part of the sensory journey and makes dinner a ‘unique experience. Upon request, guests can request a private dining service and have dinner in their room or in the private gardens (available for Suites and Classic Vigna).

The social table in the Palmento

On request, for family occasions or groups of close friends, it is possible to organize a social table in the ancient Palmento. An exclusive salon, characterized by the musts collection tank of over 160 square meters and the ancient fireplace, domestic hearth and place of gathering and regeneration during every season. Dinners in the Palmento have the charm of soberly elegant events, in which the spontaneous elegance of linen, crystals and silverware amplifies the gastronomic experience.