Architecture and interiors

A special place in Sicily to cherish the origins and tradition of hospitality

An ancient baglio of 600 surrounded by nature restored to ensure all comforts

The term Baglio indicates a fortified farm and the etymology is found in both Arab, Latin and Greek culture.
The stone walls surrounding Baglio Occhipinti are the beginning of the story of a territory and of a tradition read and interpreted by Fausta Occhipinti, landlady and landscape architect, who wanted to preserve its origins and the tradition of hospitality.

The Palmento and the renovation project

The manor house finds its corner stone in the millstone of over 160 square meters: the collection tank of the pulsating life musts of the Baglio is today a living room that welcomes its guests also for breakfast, dinner and moments of conviviality. The restoration project saw the search for workers and craftsmen capable of building with ancient methods, such as perimeter dry walls: true works of art.todologie, come i muri a secco perimetrali: vere opere d’arte.
The entire renovation project is based on a scenic vision that takes into account the perspective escapes of the Baglio with an interpretation of the theater backdrop. The intense, white and constant light of the Sicilian sun is the natural narrator of each surface.

The interior furnishings

The same attention was paid to the interior furnishings, looking for handcrafted furniture elements capable of enhancing and narrating the tradition of the area, such as the Caltagirone ceramic, the kitchen sinks or the large wood oven. The latter is the beating heart of the kitchen and the home: traditional recipes are prepared here such as “scacce ragusane”, a rustic and tasty dish based on focaccia filled with cheeses and vegetables grown in the Baglio. The preparation of the “scacce” is a moment of conviviality and communion with the guests who are spontaneously involved.

Baglio Gardens

A place where nature reclaims its space in communion with guests