Fausta Occhipinti’s Natural Wine List

The Craftsmanship of Natural Wine

"Each goblet must be able to enhance the dish and evoke the history of our land."

Fausta has chosen for its guests a selection of natural wines starting from the production of Baglio Occhipinti to continue to discover the whole Sicily and the terroirs that make up this continent to be explored also for the wine production of absolute excellence. The wine list of Baglio Occhipinti was edited by the sommelier Gian Marco Iannello together with the hostess, Fausta Occhipinti.

The paper was conceived starting from the principle of craftsmanship that summarizes the concept of natural wine: organic grapes, spontaneous fermentation of musts, no external substances, nor invasive procedures. Therefore, Fausta together with Gian Marco paid particular attention to the raw material, the territory and the vintage.
All fundamental parameters to accompany and enhance a traditional cuisine.