Baglio Gardens

At Baglio Occhipinti, nature reclaims its space in communion with guests

A hortus conclusus

Around the manor house and at each Baglio complex, nature explodes with gardens full of citrus fruits, vegetable gardens and aromatic herb bushes.
Almond, olive and pear trees, together with the large carob tree and the old mulberry make up the system of connected vegetable gardens, the true connective tissue of the entire Baglio Occhipinti.
A hortus conclusus, that is, a real fenced garden that seamlessly sees the part cultivated with vegetables dialogue with rose gardens and wisteria vines. The guest will admire the flow from a courtyard to a seamless garden, as in a small village. Every detail has its own story, like the rose gardens cultivated for the great-grandmother, as a place of delight, of falling in love, of romance, a place of the soul, of dim light, of rediscovery of oneself.

Organic crops, respecting nature

Evocative of the past, of country houses. In respect of tradition and modern organic cultivation, rose gardens are grown naturally in the vegetable gardens together with citrus fruits and aromatic plants.
The rose gardens are cultivated for the joy of the home, in fact, every room and every environment is embellished daily with fragrant fresh flowers.
During each season a new surprise: as well as the explosion of almond blossoms, or the heady scent of wildflowers protected to preserve biodiversity. Spontaneously Iris and wild Gladioli appear. Even the flowers of vegetables are valued, like the flowers of thistles, broccoli and artichokes, without ever using any chemical treatment, if not natural.

Swimming pool

Relax poolside among the colors and scents of the Ragusa countryside