Meeting the People of the Baglio Occhipinti

A family and a close-knit team to make every stay unforgettable

We enrich guests' lives with small daily gestures that make each stay precious

The Occhipinti family

Everything begins with the idea that then divides a dream to take the form of a will finally.
In this way, a Sicilian family transforms a 17th-century Baglio into a place where hospitality is sacred, and guests are always welcome.

Arianna, Rosaura, Bruno and Giusto are the four cornerstones that revolve around Fausta’s life and form its family nucleus. Guests will meet them during their stay. Maybe during a walk in the vineyard, or at dinner. The friendliness of a family that has made hospitality their reason for living will enchant every guest.
Arianna, nicknamed “Natural Woman” for her dedication to organic farming and sustainability, is Fausta’s sister.
Arianna fully manages the running of her own company “Arianna Occhipinti” in the cultivation of the vineyards owned by the Baglio: over ten hectares surrounding the boutique hotel. Guests can meet her on informal breaks, such as at breakfast during the early morning. It is possible to meet her also during one of the stops to recover energy during the days spent in the vineyards.

Rosaura is the mother of Fausta and Arianna and, of course, she is the mother of Baglio Occhipinti. A woman attentive to detail, she supports Fausta in the choice of traditional furnishings and objects found in the halls and all the rooms of the Baglio. Rosaura embodies a part of Baglio’s identity: it is the natural passage of knowledge and tradition that takes place between mother and daughter.
Rosaura is the soul of knowing how to host, knowing how to cook and smiling, a natural welcome gesture. The smile is the most natural welcome you meet every day at Baglio Occhipinti.

The architect Bruno Occhipinti is the father of Fausta and Arianna, but he is also the loving father of Baglio Occhipinti. A professional passionate about architectural history, restoration, history and history of architecture, antiques, but also a man with a great love for nature and agriculture. These passions guided him towards the laying of the cornerstone that today is the Baglio Occhipinti.
Guests can meet him in the avenues of the gardens while relaxing by watering the gardens or climbing on a fig tree to taste the sweetest fruits. But the image that will remain ever more vivid will be of the Sicilian who makes everyone feel as if they were at home. Giusto is Bruno’s brother. Guests will often meet him at dinner drinking natural wines together with the family. Arianna’s mentor in the choices of cultivation and production of wines is a great lover of cooking, travel, literature and wine. Wine is one of the actual binders of the Occhipinti family. He enjoys the company of the family, the guests of the Baglio and the air you breathe. He also appreciates the delicacies that are easy to find in the Baglio’s kitchen. Occhipinti is a family that cultivates traditions, cultivates the land and produces wine: an enterprising family with an iron ethic on environmental values. Sustainability is the creed of the Occhipinti family that becomes a real value for the territory. Today the whole family lives the region of Cerasuolo di Vittoria and consecrates it daily.

Fausta, impeccable hostess

Landscape architect, passionate about botany and watercolour painting. She has a passion for cooking. The landlady grew up in Sicily between Marsala and Vittoria until the age of twelve, when she moved and started a new life in Milan and Paris, and then moved permanently to the capital of France, where she lived until her thirty years.
In the end, full of international experiences, Fausta decides to return to Sicily with an unbridgeable desire to host to tell and make her land live, just as she had said it during her stays abroad. The plan is clear: to make Sicily live in a typically Sicilian house. Create a place capable of welcoming and captivating travellers from all over the world, enchanting them with the warmth that only a home in Sicily can have. The Baglio Occhipinti project was born. Fausta entirely conceived the Baglio in all its facets. She made use of all her experience with the support of the family. Today Fausta is the hostess: always ready to welcome guests with a smile and attention to every detail so that every stay is unforgettable.

Women of Baglio Occhipinti

After Fausta’s welcome, Rebecca and Viviana will be one of the first acquaintances at Baglio Occhipinti: they will organize tours, guided tours and support guests in choosing the most suitable experiences to live to make each stay unforgettable.
Unforgettable, like the cleanliness guaranteed by Giusi and Veronica, the housekeepers of Baglio Occhipinti. They take care of every environment, sanitizing it, with the same care, dedication and love as at home.
Irreplaceable at reception and for every need of guests are Rebecca and Viviana. At Baglio Occhipinti we value the skills and professionalism of women. 90% of the people working in the kitchen are women, for example, who practise the traditions learned from their mothers and grandmothers and share them with the world.

In the kitchen, people of the Baglio prepare delicacies

The kitchen of the Baglio Occhipinti is an environment of sharing, but also alchemy. Here Domenico and Vita are ready to share their knowledge of tales of traditional cuisine, family recipes, stories of quality raw materials, but also cultivation respecting the land and the territory. They will be happy to share some of their little secrets, such as the address of small local cheese producers or one of Rosaura’s recipes. The best way to understand all their tricks is to participate in one of their cooking classes. During their courses, guests have the opportunity to put together “hands in the dough”, led by Fausta too. At the end, guests finally will toast with a glass of wine to the success of their cooking.
Baglio Occhipinti’s kitchen transforms every guest into an alchemist capable of changing the farm’s raw materials into delicious dishes to be enjoyed.

Carmelo and Salvo, dream vegetable farmers

Carmelo and Salvo are an archaeologists, farmers and sommelier. They are a great horticulture enthusiast and manages to germinate any plant. Our guests will discover with them all the secrets of ancient fruits and vegetables of the past. Guests will meet them often during a walk in the vegetable gardens.
Carmelo and Salvo will always be happy to tell about their experience and to share it. Carmelo and Salvo will guide guests to discover the aromatic plants, their scents and the preparation of home herbal teas.

The estate

Over ten hectares of Ragusa countryside in the heart of south-eastern Sicily, immersed in the Val di Noto